Eminem, Miley Cyrus And Kris Allen's Cows: This Week's Deep Cuts

The weekend is here once again, which means it's time to pack up your stuff and hit the street to get in line to see "Knight and Day," catch the final weekend of baseball's inter-league action or get out to the beach and enjoy the proper summer. But before you settle into your weekend routine of sleeping late, eating too much and spending late nights with friends and family, be sure to arm yourself with all of the facts and insights that you might have missed here on the MTV Newsroom Blog. If you're a fan of Eminem's new album Recovery, Justin Bieber's just-launched headlining tour or the crazy excitement surrounding the World Cup, it was quite an eventful week.

» Eminem dropped his new album Recovery this week. It's an excellent collection of tunes that rank among the best of his career, but how will it match up against Miley Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed, the other high-profile album from this week?

» Slim Shady celebrated the release of his new album with a performance on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theater. He was accompanied by Jay-Z, 100 lucky contest winners and Diddy (who was there for moral support).

» The MTV World Cup of Rock continued this week. The headlines included surges by Germany and Japan as well as the continuous dominance of South Korea (thanks to the respective fans of Tokio Hotel, Dir En Grey and Rain). Keep voting for your favorite nations to advance into the knockout round next week!

» Former "American Idol" champion Kris Allen celebrated his birthday earlier this week, and his fans commemorated the occasion by purchasing several dozen cows in his name.

» In other "American Idol" news, the producers announced this week that the minimum age for participation would be lowered to 15, which raised quite a few red flags for MTV News "American Idol" expert Jim Cantiello.

» The release of Recovery forced us to reconsider the best songs of Eminem's career, which is why we created a new version of his greatest hits collection.

» Justin Bieber launched his first-ever headlining arena tour this week, and MTV News was on the ground in Hartford, Conncecticut to let his fans wish him the best of luck on his trek.

» Lady Gaga has appeared at both Yankees and Mets games, but which team should get her truly devoted fandom?

» Katy Perry danced so hard at a club in Toronto that she cut herself opened and had to wear a bandage on her leg. In the words of the "California Gurls" singer: Thanks Canada!

» "So You Think You Can Dance" continued this week with quite a few curveballs and the elimination of ballroom expert Cristina.

» Finally, if you ever thought the members of Hanson were Mormons, they are here to set you straight.