Alex Trebek And Auto-Tune Make For Awesomely Awkward 'Jeopardy!' Moments

By Mawuse Ziegbe

Just when you thought the Auto-Tune craze of the last few years was finally dead (didn't Jay-Z officially kill it off last year?), you can count on an old-school game show to dig up the trend. Venerable "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek recently tried his hand at livening up the grandma-favored trivia show with a new category called "Alex Meets Auto-Tune."

The category featured Trebek busting out some Auto-Tuned lyrics that contestants had to identify, (all while stifling their laughter, of course). But it wouldn't be "Jeopardy!" if the show didn't put its own AARP-friendly spin on things. So instead of hearing Trebek rock some blazin' hits from Kanye West or Akon, the lyrics were all from folk songs and standards like "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Oh Susanna." If nothing else, these bizarre performances proved that these songs probably never needed to be Auto-Tuned in the first place.

Ever hotter than Trebek's chirpy rendition of "The Farmer in the Dell" might be the ultra-computerized beats that accompanied the lyrics, which ranged from glitchy, hyper disco to synthy muzak. Basically, beats that sound like a Casio keyboard being slammed against a wall.

But hey, maybe this is a good direction for the show. I mean, we are talking about it aren't we? And in what other world would "Jeopardy!" be newsworthy outside of your grandmother's sewing circle? Maybe Trebek should drop a mixtape. After all, Canadian MCs are all the rage nowadays.