'Grown Ups' Video Soundtrack: Bowling For Soup, Pussycat Dolls And MGMT Help You Prepare

In a rare occurrence, the two major films opening this weekend are both original scripts and not sequels, remakes, adaptations or comic books. The Tom Cruise action flick "Knight and Day" will hit screens across the country, as will the comedy "Grown Ups." The latter film features a veritable all-star team of comic actors, including Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider. It's the comedy film equivalent of a supergroup (they're like the Traveling Wilburys, with Sandler as Bob Dylan, Rock as George Harrison, James as Roy Orbison, Spade as Tom Petty and Schneider as Jeff Lynne). The quintet play a pack of high school friends who get back together for a reunion and attempting to recapture and understand something about their youth. It's a sweet movie with an amazing cast (the flick also stars Salma Hayek, Maria Bellow, Maya Rudolph, Steve Buscemi, Tim Meadows and Colin Quinn, among many others).

Like any good high-profile summer flick, it requires an appropriate soundtrack for preparation. That's why we put together the video playlist below, which features plenty of modern classics about the art of growing up. There's a little Chamillionaire ("Grown and Sexy"), an appearance by Tiffany Evans ("I'm Grown") and even a hello from the Pussycat Dolls ("When I Grow Up"). There are also tracks about reunions (Stars' "Reunion") and tunes about having children (MGMT's "Kids"). But the soundtrack kicks off with Bowling for Soup's "High School Never Ends," a lamentation about those golden teenage years.