'So You Think You Can Dance' Recap: Exit Stage Left For Ballroom Dancer Cristina

By Sandrine Milet

Thursday night's (June 24) "So You Think You Can Dance" results show started off with a bang, as the contestants danced a powerful group number choreographed by none other than the amazing Sonya Tayeh. I could tell right away it was her routine, not only because of the unconventional lines and powerful war-like movements but also because of the music choice. Her songs are always off the beaten path and many times have an electronic vibe. This time, the track in question was "Crookers" by Royal T featuring Roisin Murphy, and the song, along with the ripped red costumes and the amazing top 10 dancers, created a perfect performance.

The night proceeded by unveiling who America voted as the bottom three contestants, and I was shocked when Robert's name was announced. He's a great dancer, has personality and his performance Wednesday night was not nearly as bad as some of the other contestants' (Jose's Bollywood? Billy Bell's krumping?). What did America find wrong with him? The other two in the bottom three were Melinda and Christina, both who were in the same position last week (I think that's a sign, girls).

Although Cristina was picked by the judges to leave the competition, Nigel made a point to make his voice heard: He wanted Melinda to leave. She's now in a tough position, because two weeks in the bottom three and tepid responses from the judges, she's got a lot of proving to do if she wants to stay in the game.

The results show was also graced with a performance by the Costa Rican superstar Debi Nova singing her hit single "Drummer Boy" while six All-Stars danced in the background. It even ended with a huge explosion of confetti, a flourish usually reserved for the finale.

If this pattern holds up, it looks like the boys may lead the competition, but I hope that America is able to see that Ashley and Lauren are phenomenal dancers too.