Justin Bieber Vs. Backstreet Boys: 10 Years, Two Shows, One Writer's Experience

Laser beams? Yes. High-flying antics? Check. Floppy hair? What do you think? (Aside: Justin Bieber's exceptional swoop will never live up to the glory days of Nick Carter's mushroom haircut. That made me swoon for days. Sorry, kids!) Anyway, on Wednesday night (June 23), I had the opportunity to attend Justin Bieber's tour kick-off show at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut.

In the process I got to feel both like a teenager all over again and also really, really old. I want to say I'm not much older than the teen girls that flocked to Bieber's show last night. I'm only about a decade older, and so in the process of hindsight I was able to make several intelligent observations. You see, his tour seemed to have similar aspects to that of my concert-going experience from about a decade ago when I attended the Backstreet Boys' extremely epic Into the Millennium Tour.

The Backstreet Boys flew over my head, just like Bieber did. He did it in a heart-shaped contraption. They did it only with wires. Both tours involved white clothing. BSB probably figured all-white get-ups would be all the rage in the new millennium. Apparently they weren't wrong, since Bieber has adopted the look.

I guess what also stood out to me as something that hasn't changed much in the decade between these two concerts is the fact that going to one of these shows costs a lot of money. When I was a teen I didn't think about the fact that my mom not only shelled out a pretty penny for the ticket, but also for a T-shirt and a program. I can't recall how much that all cost, but it was a lot. So please, thank your parents for shelling out that dough for memories that — to be perfectly honest — will last a lifetime. (This is the part that made me feel old.)