Slayer Pinball: Metal, Physics On Your iPhone

In their nearly 30 years together as a band, Slayer have done and seen it all. They have sold millions of albums, toured all over the world, collaborated with any number of legends and have managed to stay relevant in a metal world that doesn't necessarily allow people to age gracefully. They're still hardcore, and still creating incredible music (2009's World Painted Blood was a fantastic blast of savagery that was one of the best unheralded releases of last year). But up until recently, they had never lent their name, music and philosophy to an iPhone game.

All that changed with the release of "Slayer Pinball Rocks HD," currently available for $2.99 at the Apple App store (and is also compatible on the iPad). It lives up to its own name, as it totally rocks. The game borrows tracks from World Painted Blood and features a tremendous physics engine that involves incredibly realistic pinball action. There are also plenty of metal growls and voiceovers from the guys in the band, which gives it that extra bit of metal atmosphere. It's as though you're in a pinball arcade with the members of Slayer egging you on as you try to score yet another multi-ball bonus.

While it doesn't quite match the majesty of the greatest rock-based pinball game of all time (that would be Kiss Pinball, which was an actual machine that could be played in the real world), "Slayer Pinball Rocks HD" is a worthy adversary. Is it the most hardcore game available for the iPad? We think so.