MTV's World Cup Of Rock: Germany Vs. Japan

It's MTV's World Cup of Rock! The World Cup is the greatest sporting event on the planet, a super-sized stage where legends are born with every strike of the ball, where infamy is just a moment away and where the dreams of millions live or die by the minute. That's why, in the spirit of the 2010 MTV Musical March Madness competition, we've created "The World Cup (Of Rock)," a FIFA-style tournament that takes 16 of the biggest nations — rock-wise (sorry Algeria) — and pits them against one another to determine just which is the most rockingly awesome. Heavyweights like the U.S.A., England, France and Germany are all here, but so are a handful of surprisingly strong sleeper countries. As the Cup progresses, we'll be unveiling the match-ups, and it's up to you to vote your favorites through. In the end, only one nation will be left standing: the world champion of rock.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is at a fever pitch, with more eliminations coming today in key matches featuring a handful of contenders. Meanwhile, the World Cup of Rock is winding down the first round of matches on the way to the elimination round. Today's match-up features two top contenders going head-to-head.

Germany vs. Japan

Each of these squads has been laying beatdowns to their respective opponents, and both seem likely to advance. But can the blitzkrieg delivered care of fans of Tokio Hotel be enough to overcome the surprising surge by the fans voting for Japan (mostly on the strength of the Japanese metal contingent, lead by legends Dir En Grey). Which nation will reign supreme in Group C? Only you can decide!

Be sure to vote in all the games in the MTV World Cup of Rock! Which nation's stars rock the hardest and best? Only you can decide!