U.S.A. Vs. Algeria: The World Cup Playlist Featuring Kid Rock, Estelle And Europe

The 2010 FIFA World Cup has provided a tremendously exciting few weeks of soccer action and already features a handful of narratives that will not soon be forgotten. There is the failure and internal conflict that plagued the French squad, the noble and poetic but ultimately just-short pursuit by the South African team and the controversy over the disallowed goal in the United States' match against Slovenia last week. That game ended in a draw, which puts the U.S. team in a precarious position today. With two draws to their credit and two points in Group C, they can advance to the next round of the tournament with a victory over Algeria today (it would give them five points, which would clinch at least second place in the group). If they lose, they are definitely out, as Algeria would leap over the U.S. and leave them in last place.

Should this morning's match go to a draw, things get a little more complicated. The U.S. would have to hope that either Slovenia beats England or the match goes to a low-scoring draw (the tiebreaker would come down to total goals scored in the tournament so far).

But to keep things simple, the United States simply needs to score a victory against Algeria and move on to better things. In order to help the home team, we've put together a batch of songs that should get the blood pumping and the American pride swelling. Kid Rock's "American Bad Ass" should put them in the right frame of mind, as should James Brown's immortal "Living In America." If they want to focus on "Fancy Footwork," they can press play on the Chromeo video of the same name. They don't have to worry about being "The Underdog" (they're a slight betting favorite), and they just have to hope the game doesn't devolve into a "House of Cards" (as too many games have changed because of red and yellow cards during this tournament).

If the United States soccer team really wants to get into the winning frame of mind, they need look no further than the first song on the playlist: Europe's "The Final Countdown." What more could they need to get psyched to play the beautiful game?


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