Hanson Make A Case To Represent The United States In The MTV World Cup Of Rock

If Hanson could be any team in MTV's World Cup of Rock, they would be America. Why? Well, they are the band that seemed to go from the Middle of Nowhere to find fame and fortune and lasting success in the fleeting world of pop music. And in a current pop climate dominated by Auto-Tuned divas and shaggy-haired pop princes, Hanson are managing to release catchy pop rock albums on their own terms. Just this month, they released the incredibly infectious Shout It Out. So, who what team does Zac, Taylor and Issac believe they would be if they were a World Cup team?

"If we weren't rooting for America then we'd be total jerks, wouldn't we?" Zac joked to MTV News, making his plea to be the rock version of the team. "I think as a band we've always been based out of middle America and were I think identify with at least the independent spirit of America and the fundamentals of what this country is founded on: the idea of kind of breaking loose of things that are holding you back and going out there and forging your own path."

That's super deep, Zachary! Oldest brother Issac reiterated that like America in the world of soccer, Hanson underdogs of pop music, adding, "[We're] like the little engine that could!"

You know what? We think they can, we think they can, we think they can ...