Backstreet Boys Team Up With New Kids On The Block In New York, Leave Me Devastated

Somehow the New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys plotted against me. I don't know how this happened. I've only showed my unwavering support to both bands over the span of two decades. And, yet on Saturday night (June 19) in New York City, those two bands decided to hit the stage together — yes together — to perform, and yet no one told me about it.

When the New Kids played Radio City Music Hall over the weekend they decided to cover BSB's classic hit, "I Want It That Way." During the cover (or at least from what I can ascertain from the video posted below, since, you know I somehow wasn't there myself), the boys of Backstreet joined them on stage for the song. Cue the seemingly endless screams of joy (none of which came from me since, you know, I wasn't there). And then BSB played "Shape of My Heart," which is an amazing song and just might be my favorite track ever from the Boys.

"As for TONIGHT'S Concert... BACKSTREET BOYS got my respect forever!" Donnie Wahlberg later tweeted. "That was awesome! What a night!... My heart is full."

Is my heart full? It is — full of sadness and disappointment and regret. Am I devastated? Yes. Will I forgive either band for not including me in this magic? I am not sure. Do I want to cry as I watch the footage? A little bit. Do they owe me? Big time.