The 2010 World Cup By The Numbers: Bigger Than 'Twilight,' 'Lost' And Lady Gaga

Unless you've witnessed the sheer madness of a World Cup game in the flesh or visited a soccer-mad country like Brazil or England in the thick of the world's premier sporting event, you really can't comprehend just how huge the next month is going to be.

Here's a statistic that might put it in perspective: 700 million. That's the number of people who tuned in just for the final match between Italy and France in 2006. Not only is that twice the population of the United Staes, it's also a number that is infinitely bigger than any other pop culture phenomenon you think is a big deal.

Need some more perspective? Let's look at some recent big numbers and see if we can't crush them.

13.5 million: The amount of people who watched the "Lost" finale. Frankly, there's no comparison, since even the biggest finale in TV history — that would be the 1983 "M*A*S*H" send-off — only drew 122 million.

100 million: Sorry, Twi-hards, but while the "Twilight" series is seemingly the biggest thing on the planet, the estimated sales figures for the books are chump change compared to the number of people who want to watch Kaka.

190 million: If you took the more than $1.9 billion in box office put up by "Avatar" and assumed the average person paid $10 to see the world's most successful movie ... well, you get the picture.

55 million: Even the combined album and single sales by Lady Gaga don't come close.

600 million to one billion: If you believe the unofficial figures, both the Beatles and Elvis Presley have sold nearly 1 billion albums/singles/downloads/videos over the past 50-plus years. But, I mean, come on, even soccer can't beat the Kings.