Rooney Guarantee Eureka Is A 'Real Honest' Record

The guys of Rooney have been at this music thing for a while now. On their new album Eureka, which hit stores this week, they did it all on their own, using all the lessons they learned from various producers and record execs over the years to make an album that they feel sounds like Rooney. The only voice on this belongs to the guys in the band.

"It's really cool to have a third record coming out," lead singer Robert Schwartzman explained. "Our hairs grown. We have some facial hair now. We match." All joking aside, he says, "This record really reflects who we are as musicians today ... Well, I wouldn’t say it was like a collection of all the years of hard work and pain and ups and downs. Each song is about something else."

The guys have already released a trippy, slightly retro clip for their single "I Can't Get Enough," and they say that this song, like all of them on Eureka, perfectly sum up who they are these days. "The songs on this record are more personal, more from a place of feeling and emotion and story telling," Robert continued. "And I think it feels to me like a real honest record that we made for ourselves. As opposed to something with label pressure because we didn’t have any label pressure."

Louie Stephens added, "I think we got to a point on this album where we trusted ourselves more than we have in the past. I think the album is better for it. "


Have you gotten your copy of Eureka yet? What do you think of it?