Lady Gaga's 'Alejandro' Video: Who Are The Most Famous Fernandos And Robertos?

The world continues to talk about Lady Gaga's video for "Alejandro," her latest and most provocative foray into the music video universe. It's an incredibly graphic, dark clip that features all sorts of religious imagery, out-of-this-world fashion and Madonna references. "Alejandro" has also elevated the name "Alejandro" to new heights.

But Gaga also references gentlemen named Fernando and Roberto in the song (which, if you remember, won the 2010 MTV Summer Jam poll), which begs the question: Even though the song is called "Alejandro," does the track also introduce the most famous men named Roberto and Fernando? Let's take a look.


Roberto Benigni: Famous Italian film actor and director who won three Academy Awards for his work on "Life is Beautiful" (including Best Actor and Best Foreign Film). Famously told the Oscar audience that he wanted to make love to them all during one of his acceptance speeches.

Roberto Clemente: Legendary Puerto Rico-born outfielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1955 to 1972. A 12-time All Star and the MVP in 1966, Clemente opened the floodgates for Latin American players in professional baseball. Sadly, Clemente died in a plane crash in 1972 while on his way to Nicaragua to deliver supplies to earthquake victims.

Roberto Cavalli: Famous Italian fashion designer who introduced the world to sandblasted jeans and is most famous for his animal prints.

Roberto Duran: Iconic Panamanian boxer commonly considered one of the best fighters of all time. Nicknamed "Hands of Stone," Duran won 103 fights (against only 16 losses) in a 31 year career. Duran famously lost his welterweight title to Sugar Ray Leonard in the "No Mas Fight" in 1980, where the two went toe-to-toe for eight of the best rounds in boxing history.

Roberto Baggio: Former Italian soccer player often considered to be among the best strikers in the history of the game. Baggio never won a World Cup, though did have an incredible run in the 1994 tournament, which saw Italy fall to Brazil in the final match.

Roberto Orci: Mexico-born screenwriter and producer who has worked on some of the biggest science fiction epics of the past decade, including "Transformers," "Star Trek" and the television series "Fringe."

Verdict: Sorry Gaga — Duran and Clemente still have your Roberto beat.


ABBA Song: A non-album track that was a massive hit for the Swedish group, becoming the best-selling single of their career. It sold more than 10 million copies and topped the charts in a dozen different countries.

Fernando: "Saturday Night Live" character developed by Billy Crystal. Based on Fernando Lamas (father of actor Lorenzo Lamas), "Fernando" was famous for his catch phrase "You look mahvelous!"

Fernando Valenzuela: Mexican left-handed pitcher who played for 17 seasons with six different baseball teams. He is the only pitcher to win the Cy Young Award and the Rookie of the Year prize in the same season (which he did with the Los Angeles Dodgers in 1980).

Fernando Alonso: Spanish Formula One driver who has won the World Championship twice. Often considered the most talented and balanced driver currently on the racing circuit.

Fernando Lugo: Current President of Paraguay and former Roman Cathlic Bishop.

Fernando Meirelles: Supremely talented Brazilian film director responsible for "City of God" and "The Constant Gardener," among others.

Verdict: As great as "Alejandro" is, it has a long way to go before eclipsing ABBA's "Fernando." Plus, Fernando Valenzuela ruled.

Who is your favorite Roberto? What about your favorite Fernando? Let us know in the comments!

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