'Green Day: Rock Band' Flashback: Mud And Cursing At Woodstock '94

"Green Day: Rock Band" hits retail outlets this week, and both video game enthusiasts and Green Day aficionados are excited about the sentiment. The game not only features the three men from Green Day but also a number of band-specific pieces of equipment, dozens of awesome songs and plenty of iconic venues from the band's long and varied career.

One venue definitely not recreated in the game is Woodstock '94, which was a huge turning point for the band. Their major-label debut Dookie had only come out a few months before and they had already picked up plenty of buzz because of their two breakout singles "Longview" and "Basket Case." But the Woodstock performance was something entirely different. They took the stage at the water-logged venue (rain had turned the entire space to mud on the first day of the three-day festival, turning the entire experience brown) and delivered a raucous performance that devolved into a huge mud fight between the band and the audience. MTV News was there live when the show went down, and Armstrong recalled talking to Chris Connelly shortly before the chaos began.

"I watched an interview of us right before [we went on stage]," recalled Armstrong. "We were just so obnoxious."

"I wore a giant shirt that said 'F--- You' to Woodstock," noted drummer Tré Cool. "Peace and love, man."

The band also added that one of the more notable moments of that performance was watching Woodstock mascot and hippie icon Wavy Gravy hiding behind the monitors and trying to avoid the flying mud. "He would peak out and get hit [with mud]," said Cool. "It was like, 'Oh dude, stay behind there.'"


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