The Lakers Still Have Ice Cube's Support: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

You sound like you got some doubt. Let me put that to rest. We got the team to win it all this year. Put your money on the Lakers."

-Legendary rapper Ice Cube, remarking to MTV News' Shaheem Reid that he is absolutely sure that his hometown team is going to win the NBA Finals. The Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics are tied at one game apiece after Sunday night's (June 6) victory by the Celtics. The series now moves to Boston, where the Celtics will try to repeat the dominance they showed back when they won the NBA championship in 2008. Then again, the Lakers remain the defending champions and still have Kobe Bryant, the only player in the Finals who can shift a game entirely by himself.

Cube is pretty positive about the Lakers' dominance, but that doesn't mean that he isn't nervous. Like most basketball fans, he hopes that the referees don't play too heavy a part in the outcomes of the games. "I don't know if they telling them how to ref these games, but it's just ridiculous sometimes when I see these refs making sure that the series is extended," Cube told MTV News. "Games are leaned towards this team or that team. Every year is the same old dance. Everybody can pick two or three games where you knew the league had their hand in it. It ain't about the series. It's about 'Will it go to Game 6 or Game 7?' That's all the league cares about."

In addition to rooting for the Lakers, Ice Cube is busy preparing for the release of his latest solo album I Am the West, which hits stores on July 13. The Lakers and the Celtics continue their best-of-seven series on Tuesday night in Boston.

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