Scarlett Johansson Kisses Sandra Bullock: Wake-Up Video

Sunday night's (June 6) MTV Movie Awards were a thrilling, hilarious romp through the world of cinema as seen through the eyes of MTV (and more importantly, the hardcore fans). Among the highlights were the premiere of a new scene from "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," a preview of Christina Aguilera's upcoming album Bionic, multiple appearances by show producer Les Grossman and multiple images of a near-nude Katy Perry. (You can re-live all the excitement blow-by-blow at the official live blog kept over at the MTV Movies Blog.)

But the award for biggest moment of the night was not Ken Jeong's heartfelt acceptance speech or the many wins for "The Twilight Saga: New Moon." Rather, it was the tribute to Sandra Bullock (who took home the MTV Generation Award as a salute to her long and varied body of work) that culminated in a kiss between Bullock and Scarlett Johansson. Though the pair have never been in a film together, Bullock did co-star with Johansson's husband Ryan Reynolds in the 2009 hit "The Proposal" (which also starred Betty White, who is totally fine with Bullock's smooch).

The kiss apparently provided some sort of cleansing for Bullock. "Now that we have done that, can we please go back to normal?" she told the adoring crowd. "Because therapy is really expensive. Go back to making fun of me, I don't care. It's time to get back to normal." Relive the entire moment — along with the rest of the most talked-about bits from the show.

It wouldn't be surprising if Johansson's lips actually had a cleansing touch to them. She is an amazing actress who can play just about any role and look good doing it. She's also a musician — and a surprisingly good one too. So in honor of the 2010 MTV Movie Awards and the people everywhere who want to kiss Scarlett Johansson, check out her cover of Tom Waits' "Falling Down," from her refreshingly weird 2008 album Anywhere I Lay My Head.