‘The Office’ Star Creed Bratton Offers MTV News Interns Some Advice

By Joel Hanek

While Thursday night’s (May 20) season finale of “The Office” may have been a little uneven, it’s still difficult to part with your best friends from Dunder-Mifflin for a whole summer. (Well, that is unless you’re unaware of Hulu or Netflix or perhaps the Internet in general.) But one sin last night’s episode did commit was the fact that it had way too little of the show’s true unsung hero: Creed Bratton. Luckily, we’ve got a tasty piece of video to satisfy your Creed fix and get you through your post-finale tristesse.

Creed Bratton (the man) stopped by MTV News as Creed (the character) a little while back to give our interns some career advice. Topics covered in Creedisms 101 include: Networking, finding work, and once finding work how to avoid actually doing said work. Creed even revealed his dark origins and the sordid tribulations that got him into a cubicle in sleepy Scranton, Pennsylvania in the first place.

And while “The Office” may be home to at least one fake music group, Creed (the man) is actually an accomplished musician in real life. In fact, he just released his new album Bounce Back with his band Creed Bratton and the 3DVB’s. Stick around to the end to watch Creed Bratton perform an acoustic version of “Rubber Tree,” a tune the man refers to as “Creed’s theme song.”


Thanks again to our amazing interns George, Sujay, Chad, Dana and Jessie! Clearly with their experience at MTV News coupled with Creed’s advice, we have prepared you for the real world. Well done, sir.