‘American Idol’ Elimination Results: Casey James Makes It An Expert Trifecta

Though it’s sad to derive joy from someone else’s misery (the Germans call that schadenfreude, which is much easier to type than it is to say), it feels kind of nice to have predicted the “American Idol” elimination correctly two weeks in a row. You’d have to go way back to the beginning of the Top 12 for that kind of a winning streak.

But let’s not kid ourselves: Picking Casey James as Wednesday night’s boot-ee was kind of like going all in on whether Lindsay Lohan was going to miss her court date on Thursday: It’s a gimme. (And she did, in fact, miss that court date.) The “Idol” train has been steaming toward this station for months and despite his good looks (we get it America, you like the blonde roughneck with the heart of gold type!) and adequate singing skills, James was just no match for team BowerWyze.

The better news is that even with MTV News “Idol”-ator Jim Cantiello and MJ’s Big Blog webmaster MJ Santilli joining me in picking CJ, I will still win this year’s betting pool no matter what happens next week! I raise a glass to you, random odds of gambling! Next stop Vegas (where I’ll probably just spend more time at the Liberace museum).

With only one more chance to make the right call, here’s where we stand at this point.

Gil Kaufman: 11-of-19

Jim Cantiello: 9-of-19

MJ Santilli: 8-of-19

Who do you think will be eliminated in next week’s “American Idol” finale? Let us know in the comments!