Ronnie James Dio Gets A Tribute From Tenacious D

Metal legend Ronnie James Dio passed away on Sunday (May 16), and if there is one thing that has become clear since his passing is that everybody loved the guy. As the tributes continue to pour in from all corners of the Internet (metal-centric news site Blabbermouth is essentially a clearinghouse for kind words about Dio today), everybody has been saying what a good guy he was and how truly influential he has been to so many people in the business. In fact, it has also sparked a very reasonable debate between those who think the Dio version of Black Sabbath is superior to the Ozzy version.

One person who would likely be on the side of Dio? Jack Black, the actor and one half of metal mavens Tenacious D who penned a Dio tribute tune called (fittingly) “Dio.” Way, way back in 2001, the band stopped by MTV News to perform an impromptu version of their song, which sees them praise the metal legend but also asking to carry the torch for him.


Though Black sometimes seems dismissive of Dio, he was a true fan. And Dio himself thought the song was an excellent tribute. He even invited Tenacious D to appear in the video for the Dio song “Push.” They appeared as buskers playing a song on the street, and Dio walks up to them and offers them some money, but only if they play some Tenacious D. It’s a great clip, and “Push” totally rocks. The whole scenario was a testament to Dio’s greatness, as he was loud, gracious and good-humored — exactly how the metal world remembers him.

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