New Kids On The Block Reveal Their Cruise Goal: Danny Wood In A Speedo

Today is the day the New Kids on the Block kick off their annual cruise. The boys set sail from Miami to bring their fans along for the experience of a lifetime over in the Bahamas. And it seems like the guys have quite the time planned for the fans joining them on the Carnival Imagination.

When MTV News caught up with the guys back in February backstage at "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon," they revealed that this cruise picks up where the last one left off. They also shared that this might be the chance they finally get to have to see NKOTB member Danny Wood in a Speedo. Yes, they want to see their pal of the last 20-odd years in a skimpy little bathing suit.

"Did you see Pink when she came down on that thing? Danny's doing that," Jordan Knight said about the group's spate of shows they are doing this year, referencing Pink's scantily clad outfit at the Grammy Awards. Donnie Wahlberg added, "In a Speedo."

Sure, the guys may have been referring to this as a possible tour costume, but a Speedo also makes for ideal cruise wear. Wood seemed taken aback at the aggression with which his bandmates drove that point home. "You guys must really want to see me in a Speedo!" he said.

Pardon, Danny? This is a thing that happens with you guys? "We did poll online," he explained. "It was 99 percent [of the fans want to see Danny in a Speedo]. With a half percent margin of error."

Leave it to Joey McIntyre to really sum it up: "The other percentage wanted him naked."

That's way high on the TMI scale, guys, but bon voyage anyway.