Katy Perry's Next Collaborator? 'The Office' Star Creed Bratton

Creed Bratton kissed a girl and he liked it. Not that "The Office" star really gets what that song means or anything, but he did tell MTV News that he's a big fan of the Katy Perry's work during a recent trip to the MTV News offices (where he not only did an amazing take on "Jersey Shore" star Pauly D but also reenacted some choice Creed-isms).

"Yeah! I won't turn it [off] cause it's pop. It's really fun. I'm not saying that I really know what it's all about but it's just [great] … and I'm signing along. And I used to sing 'I Am Woman' a lot back in the day and I had no idea what that was about," said the actor, who also recently released a folk album called Bounce Back with his band the 3DVB's. "I just liked the song."

With Perry about to release her new album Teenage Dream (which features collaborations with Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, Snoop Dogg, The-Dream, Benny Blanco, Dr. Luke and Max Martin, among others), could it be that there's room for a last-minute collabo with Mr. Bratton? It seems he'd be into it! "That's an interesting, I wouldn't really think [of that]… we'll see," he mused. "It would sound like, 'I Kissed A Creed And I Wasn't Really Sure If I Liked It Or Not.'"