Is The 'Eclipse' Soundtrack The Best Of The Series?

On Wednesday (May 12), the soundtrack to "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" unfurled slowly over the course of seven and a half hours (which you were able to conveniently follow on the MTV News Twitter feed @MTVNews). When the dust finally settled and all 15 of the soundtrack's songs had been revealed, we were left with a pretty impressive lineup of delightfully indie-centric artists contributing what will probably be their coolest, iciest tunes. The headliners include Muse (who have the soundtrack's first single), Metric (who have the film's title track) and two intriguing collaborations (U.N.K.L.E. & the Black Angels, Beck and Bat for Lashes).

The soundtracks to the other two "Twilight" movies have been roundly excellent, mixing mainstream rock and fantastically indie fare. The first soundtrack featured Paramore, Linkin Park, Iron & Wine and Muse (again), while the songs accompanying "New Moon" included Death Cab for Cutie's "Meet Me on the Equinox," Muse's (again!) "I Belong to You" and Thom Yorke's "Hearing Damage." Plenty of bands have attempted to get onto these soundtracks, knowing that there's no greater chance for exposure nor a reflection of the culture than the inclusion in a "Twilight" movie. It's the "Dawson's Creek" of its era, and everybody wants in.

While we haven't heard what the tracks on "Eclipse" sound like just yet (though there is a snippet of the Muse tune, which is the album's first single), it does have an incredibly impressive lineup of stars (we're especially excited about the Dead Weather). So we put the question out there: Which of the soundtracks is the best? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts about the "Twilight" soundtracks in the comments!