Crystal Bowersox Will (Narrowly) Win 'American Idol,' Says Poll

Now that Michael Lynche has packed up his giant arms and headed back to Florida, the "American Idol" pool is down to only three contestants. Crystal Bowersox, Lee DeWyze and Casey James will slug it out for the grand prize over the next two weeks, with the final two being determined by the annual "Judges' Choice" show, which will be next week's episode. The final three will also be visiting their hometowns over the next few days to visit friends, re-connect with family and perform in what are always some of the best sequences of the year.

But the question still remains: Who will win "American Idol"? Though Bowersox seemed like the presumptive favorite for most of the season, DeWyze has come from the middle of the pack to challenge Bowersox's dominance. And you can't count out James, as he has an aggressive fanbase and is the one contestant who appears to still be improving even at this late stage of the game. Last week, we put forth the question about who would win, and the results are quite telling. First, the voters apparently didn't think much of Big Mike, as he got the fewest votes by far (only three percent). James was next with 12 percent, so he has a not-embarrassing showing.

However, the readers clearly think that it's a two horse race, as Bowersox holds a narrow lead over DeWyze (43 percent to 42 percent). So according to the MTV Newsroom readers, it's Bowersox by a nose, though anything could happen over the next two weeks that could put DeWyze in the driver's seat. (He could have stepped up this week, but his "Kiss From a Rose" was flat and lame. Where was "Purple Rain"?)

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