Drake's 'Find Your Love' Gets Mashed-Up With 'Degrassi'

By Adam Murphy

As the release date for Drake's full-length debut album Thank Me Later inches ever closer, the singles point to Drake's growth as an artist since signing with Lil Wayne's Young Money label. "Over" paints the picture of a budding star skeptical of his new surroundings, and most recently, the Kanye West-produced "Find Your Love" veers almost entirely away from hip-hop into a place inhabited by the ghosts of R&B, old-school rap and Jamaican dancehall music.

The "Find Your Love" video takes us back to the days of long music videos with dramatic scenes with dialogue and acting interspersed throughout. Like a reboot of R. Kelly's epic "Down Low" video or an homage to Enrique Iglesias' epic clip for "Hero," "Find Your Love" tells the sad tale of Drake falling for a woman who "belongs" to a dangerous gangster and paying the consequences that come with seducing the boss' woman.

That said, are we really going to let Drake move on to superstardom in peace and forget his days as wheelchair-bound basketball prodigy Jimmy on "Degrassi: The Next Generation"? Not a chance. In fact, the "Find Your Love" video (which closes on a shot of Drake tied to a chair with a gun to his head) reminds us an awful lot of when Rick Murray shot Jimmy in the back — the very incident that put him in a wheelchair for the remainder of the series.

Without further ado, here's a video mash-up of Drake being shot in the "Find Your Love" video and Drake as Jimmy getting shot in the back on "Degrassi." It's really that simple, folks.


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