Drake's 'Find Your Love' And Enrique Iglesias' 'Hero': One And The Same?

Drake's new video "Find Your Love" is a hard-hitting clip that finds the singer getting seduced by a dangerous woman and falling victim to a powerful gang member in Jamaica. It's a sharp narrative for a killer track, but it's not entirely original. The narrative elements felt a little bit familiar. Had we seen this story before? Were we just distracted by Maliah Michel?

But then it happened: It turns out that "Find Your Love" is a lot like the classic Enrique Iglesias video for "Hero," which casts Iglesias as a similarly seduced man falling prey to a gorgeous woman and a badass with a gun. Don't believe it? Check out both videos and take a look at the parallels.


Beautiful Seductress

"Find Your Love": Played by model and video girl Maliah Michel, who also appeared in Fabolous' "Make Me Better" and the Game's "Put You on the Game."

"Hero": Played by actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, who also starred in the video for her own songs "How Do I Deal" and "Barenaked."

Remote Location

"Find Your Love": Drake finds himself alone in Jamaica.

"Hero": Iglesias finds himself alone in the middle of the desert.

Badass Villain

"Find Your Love": Drake runs afoul of a deadly gang leader.

"Hero": Iglesias runs afoul of a deadly Mickey Rourke (way, way before his comeback).

However, there are a few ways to tell the difference between the two clips. If one character rubs a giant pile of cash on another one while making out, you're watching "Hero." But if there are shots of the protagonist smoking in a recording studio, you have stumbled onto "Find Your Love." If the woman in question double-crosses the singer, then that's "Find Your Love." But if it ends with Jennifer Love Hewitt crying in the rain while her man bleeds to death, then you have just seen "Hero."

OK, so maybe it's easier to tell the two apart than we first thought.

Do you prefer "Find Your Love" or "Hero"? Let us know in the comments!