Does Drake Die At The End Of The 'Find Your Love' Video?

Late last night, hip-hop's biggest rookie premiered his latest video. Drake's "Find Your Love" is yet another headline-grabbing, eye-catching instant classic from the actor-turned-MC. The video takes place in Jamaica, where Drake seduces a woman who clearly belongs to a dude described repeatedly as "a bad man."

The clip opens with Drake debating whether or not he wants to go back and see his forbidden love (played by model Maliah Michel). The video then cuts between scenes of Drake in the studio, shots of his tryst with Michel and documentary-style footage of Jamaican ghettos. It's a gripping video that is helped out by the fact that "Find Your Love" is a tremendous tune, full of Drake's dreamy flow and a rugged beat borrowed from dancehall traditions. (As an aside: Based on the tracks we've heard so far, Thank Me Later is going to be simply tremendous.)

The key scene comes right at the end, when Michel double-crosses Drake. The rapper ends up in captivity with the other man in Michel's life, and he hands her a gun. As scenes of their affair race through his mind, Michel takes aim at the back of Drake's head, execution style.

The clip ends with the sound of three gun shots and the words "Find Your Love" flashed in red. But we really never find out whether or not Drake survived the shooting. Could she have shot the other guy? Could she have shot herself? The ending is ambiguous, but that won't stop us from speculating.

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