Justin Bieber And Sean Kingston's 'Eenie Meenie' Video: Bieber Disliked Dancer, His Shirt

With each passing week, we learn a little something new about Justin Bieber. The 16-year-old Canadian pop superstar is not only a great singer but also a pretty good basketball player, his own personal stylist and a Beltway schmoozer. According to Sean Kingston, he's also a perfectionist when it comes to making music videos.

In a recent "Frame By Frame" feature for MTV News, Kingston sat down to talk us through the video. During his behind-the-scenes narration, he revealed how one of the girls nearly ripped the earring out of his ear and pointed out the cameo from Romeo. But the biggest revelations were about his "Eenie Meenie" co-star. In one scene, he told MTV News that Bieber did not like the salmon-colored shirt he was wearing for most of the clip. "Justin hated that shirt," Kingston said.

Apparently, Bieber was also unhappy with the performance of one of the girls in the video. At one point, he leaves a scene with a dancer in a striped shirt, and she was the one who would Bieber up. "He hated her, because she couldn't dance at all," Kingston said. "I remember he told the director to stop the whole video because she was off beat and he was very mad. Everybody started laughing."

Other revelations from the "Frame By Frame" include the one dancer who nearly broke his neck (twice!) and Kingston's confusion over using the touch-screen displays in the clip (which were blank and only had graphics added in post-production). Check out the feature below.


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