Kanye West's House In Los Angeles Can Be Yours For The Right Price

Kanye West is originally from Chicago, has a fancy apartment in New York's SoHo neighborhood and is currently spending most of his free time in Hawaii wrapping up his upcoming album Good Ass Job, so apparently he has decided he no longer needs his home in the Hollywood Hills in California. The rapper has put his Los Angeles pad on the market with an asking price of $3,995,000. The somewhat modest home has three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms and just over 4,000 square feet of total space. It's spacious and pleasant, for sure, but not the sprawling 20,000 square foot estate you might expect from a star of his magnitude, ego and wealth.

The house is a three-story, contemporary piece of architecture that West purchased in 2003 to the tune of $1,750,000. The facade is flat and unassuming, but it does offer a fine view of downtown Los Angeles (if you're into that), great light and what appears to be a fish tank embedded in the bathtub. (Side note: What is it with rappers and fish tanks? Remember that fish tank chair that Missy Elliott showed off on her episode of "Cribs"? That thing was odd.)

The interior photos reveal that despite his flair for dramatic fashion and design elements, his decorating tastes trend toward the Spartan. However, the best part of the house unfortunately will unlikely be coming along. It's West's art collection, which features a number of pop art prints, a bunch of toys and a room full of portraits of characters from "The Jetsons." He may not have the greatest sense of real estate, but he's made himself into a heck of an art collector. And yeah, he's not a bad rapper and producer either.

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