With Betty White Out Of The Way, What's The Next Facebook Group To Score A Win?

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this past weekend's episode of "Saturday Night Live" was not that the 88-year-old Betty White appeared in every single sketch on the show or that it appears as though even Jay-Z thinks "Young Forever" is sort of flat (though it was charming that he dedicated the tune to the host). No, it was the fact that said episode of the show was made possible by an online campaign that started on Facebook. Following White's attention-grabbing performance in a Super Bowl ad, the petition went forth requesting that White appear as the host of the show. Millions of people spread the idea around and wrote about it, and apparently the virtual shouting was loud enough for "SNL" producer Lorne Michaels to hear, as he booked White for the show and the rest is history.

But now that the people behind White have scored their victory, what's next? Knowing that the power of a Facebook campaign can actually influence how things operate in the real world, let's take a look at some ongoing Facebook petitions and see if we can spot another surefire hit.

Petition For DJ Khaled To Limit "We The Best" Usage

Goal: The administrator would like producer and mixtape master DJ Khaled to cut down on shouting "We the best!" on his tracks. Not stop, mind you — just limit.

Odds: Slim. Even if the group gets enough supporters, it's unlikely Khaled will slow down with his catch phrase. After all, Diddy is still yelling "Bad Boy," and it's been 15 years.

The Petition For Season 4!

Goal: Fans of the FX show "Damages" want a fourth season of the show.

Odds: Moderate. According to an Entertainment Weekly report, the critically-acclaimed bur ratings-challenged (and expensive) series, which stars Glenn Close as lawyer Patty Hewes, may be getting another go-round on DirecTV.

Canada Is The Best Of The U.S. And U.K. Worlds

Goal: The (presumably Canadian) author simply wants acknowledgment that his home nation is actually the best aspects of the United States and the United Kingdom combined.

Odds: Non-existent. Even if it were true, it seems impossible that the United Nations would pass such a resolution.

Lilith Fair - Winnipeg Wants You!

Goal: The capital of Manitoba wants Sarah McLachlan's returning estrogen-fueled festival to make a stop in its fair city.

Odds: Moderate. While the group only has a few thousand signees, native Canadian McLachlan could feel the heat from her hockey-loving sistren. Also, the tour totally has a few days between their stop in Toronto and the date in Cleveland. They could totally make it!

Petition To Make People Aware That Facebook Petitions Are Worthless!

Goal: Just what it says.

Odds: Unlikely. After all the whole Betty White fiasco has proven that such a cynical statement is flatly false.

My Sister Said If I Get One Million Fans She Will Name Her Baby Megatron

Goal: Exactly what it says: One million fans of said page will equal a child born in 2010 with the name of the dastardly leader of the Decepticons.

Odds: Oh, it's on. According to the page, they hit the one million mark in a mere 13 days. With the baby due in August, the moment of truth will approach.

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