'Burlesque' Inspired Christina Aguilera To Dance More: The MTV News Quote Of The Day

"I never was as passionate about dancing, per se. But after 'Burlesque,' I really fell in love and I adapted that in the dancing for 'Not Myself Tonight,' but it was really, really fun to take what I learned from the movie. A lot of that [video] was based on my visual inspiration. I took Hype [Williams] into my salon area in my home ... it's like my creative den. He took the ideas and then took other ideas and related to the ideas, and it just was really iconic imagery."

-Pop star, mothering spokesperson and "Burlesque" actress Christina Aguilera, who recently unveiled the new video for her single "Not Myself Tonight." The Hype Williams-directed clip shows her rolling out a number of sexy poses, racy costumes and eye-popping dance moves. Though she has always danced, she told MTV News that she didn't take it as seriously before she made "Burlesque," the upcoming film that co-stars Cher. "There is dancing, and I learned so much also as a dancer doing the 'Burlesque' film, moving my body in ways that were, I feel, never as precise before," she said. "Dancing always came sort of secondary to me. Vocals were my first love and where my heart really was."

Aguilera's new album Bionic is set to debut on June 8 and will feature production by Polow da Don, Tricky Stewart, Sia and Linda Perry. She'll go on an extensive tour beginning in July. Meanwhile, "Burlesque," which also co-stars Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet and Alan Cumming, hits theaters in November.