Lady Gaga And Justin Bieber Are Mysteries To Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney is a national treasure. Even at 91 years old, the award-winning journalist and television personality still has his weekly outlet at the tail end of the CBS news magazine "60 Minutes." His recent work has been just as amazing as it has always been, including his annual report about the Super Bowl and his usual trip through the mailbag, with most of his bits surrounding his confusion about the modern world. On Sunday night (May 9), Rooney dove into a recent issue of Billboard and expressed concern over the fact that he didn't recognize any of the artists living near the top of the album chart, including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Usher.

"I consider myself to be an absolutely dead-center, normal, average American," Rooney said at the top of his two minute video report near the end of the show. "If I'm so average an American, how come I've never heard that I've never heard of most of the musical groups that millions of Americans apparently are listening to?" He cites the fact that he is aware of both Sting and the Rolling Stones, but those artists don't currently inhabit slots on the Billboard Top 200. "The singers I know have been replaced by performers like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Usher. I mean, who?"

Rooney's reasoning is that if he is an average American, then why doesn't he identify with the musical tastes of other average Americans? He even admits that age is a logical factor, but also notes that age doesn't stop everybody from enjoying things like ice cream and "a win for our favorite team."

"I don't know who Lady Gaga is," he says in conclusion. "But kids today probably don't know who Ella Fitzgerald was. I think we can call it even." If nothing else, this will make excellent fodder for the genius behind the Andy Rooney game.

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