Betty White On 'Saturday Night Live': The Lost Sketches!

This weekend's edition of "Saturday Night Live" was not only a wildly entertaining 90 minutes of spectacular sketches starring oldest-host-in-history Betty White, but it also was a massive ratings windfall for them. But despite the greatness of the show, there were plenty of excellent bits that got cut from the show. With all of the hilarious women on the show — including returnees Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Ana Gasteyer, Molly Shannon, Rachel Dratch and Maya Rudolph — it was clearly difficult to edit the show down to the taught 90 minutes that it was.

Luckily, NBC posted more of the goodness on Hulu. In keeping with the theme of the rest of the show, White appeared in all of the cut sketches as well. She showed up as Poehler's mother on an episode of the talk show "Bronx Beat," where she introduced the world to her new yoga instructor boyfriend Lou (played by Andy Samberg). As was the case for most of Saturday night, White's punchlines were punctuated by plenty of dirty jokes, including an explanation about what the letters in the word "yoga" stand for ("Yes, oh, God, again").

But perhaps the highlight of the scenes that didn't make it to air was the return of Dratch's signature character Debbie Downer. This time, she visited a ladies' lingerie party and brought the mood down with news about dead neighbors and the plight of sea birds in the oil spill. When one of the women asks how Debbie got to be the way she is, there is a flashback to an old birthday party where White plays her grandmother, who is similarly afflicted. Check it the sketch below.

What did you think of Betty White's performance on "Saturday Night Live" over the weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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