Christina Aguilera, Crystal Bowersox And Jay-Z: This Week's Deep Cuts

After a long week of excitement about "American Idol," "Iron Man 2" and a couple of bomb scares, the weekend has finally arrived. The world is your oyster this weekend, as you can catch a great comic book movie, watch the Los Angeles Lakers further dismantle the Utah Jazz in the NBA playoffs, check out Betty White and Jay-Z on "Saturday Night Live" and watch Mauricio "Shogun" Rua pummel Lyoto "The Dragon" Machida for the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. And yeah, you should probably call your mother, too. But before you do any of that, be sure to check out all the stories you might have missed on the MTV Newsroom Blog this week.

» In local news, MTV announced that Christina Aguilera will return to the stage of the MTV Movie Awards for what will no doubt be a killer performance.

» Whether or not Crystal Bowersox wins "American Idol" in a few weeks, she'll most certainly end up with a recording contract, and she'll have the support she received from her hometown to thank.

» With that in mind, who do you think will win "American Idol"? You can still vote in our poll!

» In a strange bit of news, a demo surfaced this week that may be a demo of Britney Spears singing Lady Gaga's "Telephone." That made us think about other songs Spears turned down.

» Do you have an iPad yet? Mariah Carey does, and it looks exactly like her shimmery soul.

» There were two pieces of good news for Bret Michaels this week, as he not only got to leave the hospital but also emerged as the clear front-runner on this season of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

» In other television news, Ke$ha made history when her song "Tik Tok" became the first song to ever replace the theme song on "The Simpsons."

» We celebrated Cinco de Mayo here in the MTV Newsroom by paying tribute to our favorite people named Cinco.

» Siobhan Magnus stepped away from the "American Idol" stage to talk to Jim Cantiello about the greatest power notes in music.

» Aaron Kelly joined the parade of "American Idol" rejects, which puts him in unique company as a fifth-place finisher on the show.

» "Iron Man 2" is playing this weekend. Prepare yourself with AC/DC.

» Finally, don't miss Betty White and Jay-Z on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. May their collaboration be just as good as it was on "99 Problems."