Jay-Z And Betty White: What Songs Could They Collaborate On?

By Jayson Rodriguez

We know Betty White and Jay-Z will appear in sketches together this weekend during their appearance on "Saturday Night Live." But the MTV News team thought it'd be just as interesting — maybe wacky? — if the two stars also shared the stage together during Hov's musical performance.

Here, we list the top five Jigga/Betty collabos we'd like to see.

"Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)"

Jay-Z's ode to the underdogs who rose to the top would be a fitting marriage of his rags to riches story and White's Tinseltown fortitude. And while White doesn't have much theater experience under her belt, we're sure the feisty octogenarian has the chops to pull of the Annie impersonation on the song's chorus. This pairing would be quite the production.

"You, Me, Him, And Her"

This gem from Jay-Z's 2000 album The Dynasty: Roc La Familia features Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel and the long-banished first lady of the Roc, Amil. In concert, Jay and company have been known to tweak the lyrics "Jigga Man, huh, Sigel, Sigel, y'all, Memph Bleek, what, Amil-ion, uhh" to "Amil-ion, gone." Ouch. But with the "Golden Girls" actress on board, how easy would it be to just add Betty White's name in there? And who wouldn't want to see her strike an arms crossed, b-boy pose on stage after her name is called?

"30 Something"

The veteran MC turned back the hands of time with this heater, warning fellow rappers his time at the spotlight is far from over. Sounds familiar? White's expansive career began in 1939, before most of the country even had television sets. Now, at 88, she'll become the oldest person ever to host "SNL." 90 is the new 50? Eh. Doesn't have the same ring to it, but White — like Jay — is far far from hanging it up, that's for sure.

"Young Forever"

Jay-Z's latest Top 10 hit tugs at everyone's eternal desire to stay virile and party until the DJ spins the last record. The song is one of the Brooklyn rapper's most subdued numbers to date. But does it capture the spirit of White's recent resurrection as an American treasure? Not so much. It's the thought that counts.

"99 Problems"

Defiant, in your face, and full of bravado. On this tune, Jay-Z memorably shot back at his detractors who thought his lyrics were short on substance. White, with her quirky humor and grandmotherly appeal, at times has been criticized for coming across too much like her Golden Girls character Rose Nylund. But guess what? They don't care! They're on "Saturday Night Live." Swap out a gruff Rick Rubin for White (in badass shades and leather!) and the possibilities are endless. To us, at least.

Got a suggestion for a White/Jigga joint? Let us know in the comments below!