Jay-Z Serves As Betty White's Bodyguard On 'Saturday Night Live'

It seems like Santa (or at least Lorne Michaels) got your letters asking to have Jay-Z and Betty White appear in a sketch together when Betty appears as the host on this weekend's special Mother's Day episode of "Saturday Night Live." And while Jay is billed as the night's musical guest, he's also set to be Betty's bodyguard for the night. Well, at least he is in the promos we here at MTV News got our grubby little hands on.

In the clip, Betty, who is very obliging and kind to the "SNL" staff, appears on the stage with Hova, who seemed to laugh a lot at Betty, telling the home audience, "And if your local news is any good this is the only news they'll be reporting on all week. I'm Betty 'Frickin' White and this is Jay-Z."

How does Jay feel about it? He's cool with it. Who wouldn't be? It is Betty "Frickin'" White! He just very comically whispers, "I'm the bodyguard."

Oh, those two kooky kids. All joking aside, Betty admitted that she's actually a big Jay-Z fan. "Well there are a lot of sketches coming up. I know it seems like about 350 and I will be doing a couple of sketches with Jay-Z, so that should be fun. I'm very excited about meeting him and I bragged to all my friends who think I'm over the hill," she joked, adding, "Well I did a sketch with Jay-Z."

That's Betty "Frickin'" White for ya! She rocks!