Wiz Khalifa: Preview The New King Of Twitter's 'Mixtape Daily' Video

I started my Twitter account almost a year ago. In the beginning, I just wasn't into that particular social network (I would literally send out one tweet every month). About three weeks ago, I decided that I was going to dig in and start using Twitter on a more regular basis. Once I got on, I started getting all these messages in support of Pittsburgh's own Wiz Khalifa. "When are you going to put Wiz on mixtape daily?" several messages read. Coincidentally, not too long from when I started tweeting, Wiz dropped his mixtape Kush and Orange Juice.

The tape was just dope — probably Wiz's best. We play it a lot around the MTV News offices, and people on the net obviously felt the same way. So with all that buzz as well as tape's superiority, we decided it was time to feature Wiz on "Mixtape Daily." The cameras started rolling in Pittsburgh and we have to say, the piece came out stuuuuupid! On Monday (May 10), you'll get to see Wiz's full "Mixtape Daily" segment. It is our main pick of the week. The piece will also be airing on "Sucker Free" and MTV Jams, and we'll let you know when you can catch Wiz on cable (stay tuned to find out exactly when).

In the meantime, check out this preview, where we capture Wiz tweeting to his loyal following. Major!


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