'American Idol' Results: Aaron Kelly Crushes Our Records, But We're Fine With It

Aaron, Casey, Kara, Simon — at this point, who cares who gets eliminated from "American Idol" anymore? We just want the thing to be over!

Yeah, we blew it yet again this time. After weeks of guaranteeing you that squeaky Sonestown teen Aaron Kelly was for sure a goner, we finally gave up and threw our chips on the table for future Salon Selectives spokesperson Casey James this week. And, of course, we got dissed again.

James got hammered for his so-what take on "Blue Skies" and we thought he'd Jason Castro'd himself for sure. But kind of like our reaction to Siobhan Magnus' booting last week, we were strangely okay with being wrong, if only because Aaron's final call cleared away some more dead wood and got us that much closer to what we're almost certain will be an epic Lee DeWyze/Crystal Bowersox showdown. Michael Lynche could play spoiler and Casey James can only be considered a heavier-than-lead underdog, but it does seem like it will come down to the funky hippie chick squaring off against the bland-but-charming dude from Illinois. (In case you want to weigh in on who you think will walk away the winner, vote in our poll.)

After ten weeks of "Idol" forecasting (for those of you keeping score), it ain't pretty. The odds of any of us finishing above 50 percent are looking slim. Here are the current standings.

Gil Kaufman: 9-of-17

Jim Cantiello: 8-of-17

MJ Santilli: 7-of-17

Do you have a better prediction record that we do? did you know Aaron was going home? Write in your comments below and let us know.