'American Idol' Poll: Who Will Win When Season Nine Comes To An End?

On Wednesday night's (May 5) episode of "American Idol," the viewers witnessed another minor upset. Even though the general consensus suggested that Casey James was next on the chopping block (a sentiment with which all of our "American Idol" experts agreed), the rabid support that kept Aaron Kelly on the show for so long finally dried up. Though Kelly didn't deliver the worst performance from Tuesday night's Frank Sinatra-themed episode, he couldn't get enough votes to survive for another week.

With the season finale rapidly approaching, we're down to the real serious business of "American Idol." One of the remaining four contestants — Crystal Bowersox, Michael Lynche, Lee DeWyze and Casey James — will walk away from the show with a recording contract. We will be hearing the new album from the winner (and, if history is any indication, the runner-up as well) by the fall. It's serious. Which begs the question: Who will win "American Idol" this year?

For most of the season, Bowersox has been the seemingly-infallible frontrunner, churning out consistently original and moving performances with ease. But the last few weeks have played against her strengths, leaving the door open for DeWyze to step in as the new favorite. Meanwhile, Lynche has been steadily improving and refining his style and image since he got saved a few weeks back, making him the dark horse looking to make a move in the final weeks. James almost certainly has the longest odds, as his performances have show little improvement and it seems like his support (both from the judges and the fans) is quickly waning.

So that leaves us with our original question: Who will win? Vote in the poll below and leave your arguments in the comments!