The Best Frank Sinatra Moments On 'American Idol'

After making a concerted effort to remain current, "American Idol" turns to the past this week with a tribute to Frank Sinatra. Modern day crooner Harry Connick, Jr. serves as the mentor and guide through Frank's world. It's not the first time the "American Idol" contestants will try to channel some Rat Pack vibes, as a handful of competitors have tackled tunes and the eighth season featured an entire week devoted to the Rat Pack (where Alison Iraheta famously delivered her excellent "Someone to Watch Over Me").

We won't know what the five remaining season nine finalists will break out on Tuesday night's (May 4) episode of the show, but here's what the all-time competition looks like.

Katherine McPhee, "Someone to Watch Over Me"

It's a song written by the Gershwins and probably made more popular by Ella Fitzgerald, but McPhee nailed the song so perfectly that Frank would have certainly been proud.

Elliott Yamin, "It Had to Be You"

As part of the fifth season's "Great American Songbook" week, fan-favorite Yamin tackled a classic standard that Sinatra used to knock out of the park on a regular basis. Yamin's performance wasn't quite legendary, but it was roundly excellent and loved by viewers of the show.

R.J. Helton, "I Won't Dance"

Remember R.J. Helton? He was the likable boy band wannabe from unfortunately named Cumming, Georgia who managed to make it into the top five before tumbling during Burt Bacharach Love Songs week (his "Arthur's Theme" was truly middling). Smooth lounge sounds clearly didn't suit him well, as he tackled "I Won't Dance" the week before his elimination with similar results (it landed him in the bottom three).

Allison Iraheta, "Someone to Watch Over Me"

Yeah, it was that good.

Matt Giraud, "My Funny Valentine"

Though Giraud was another fan favorite, he fell into a fascinating downward spiral after his somewhat excellent "Let's Get It On" landed him in the bottom three. He finally ended on "My Funny Valentine," which lead to his exit (one that had been delayed a few weeks because he had benefited from the first judges' save).

Constantine Maroulis, "My Funny Valentine"

Things ended much better for rocker Maroulis, who found a killer groove during the fourth season that made him the favorite for a few weeks. "My Funny Valentine" came right at the peak of that run, and it proved that Maroulis had the chops to handle a number of different genres. In fact, it's possible that Maroulis' two-week run of this song followed by Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" represents the best back-to-back run in "Idol" history.

What was your favorite "American Idol" take on Frank Sinatra? Let us know in the comments!