The 'Letters To Juliet' Cast And I Get Shakespearean In Verona

Apparently, Verona (the city that serves as the setting for William Shakespeare's classic play "Romeo & Juliet") is the city of love. It's a hub for all those looking to reconcile their past relationships by writing letters to Juliet, the saint of all things romance related (even though she's a fictional character who — spoiler alert! — dies at the end of the play) and to wish for good luck for future relationships by taking photos of themselves cupping the right breast of the statue of Juliet (which is not as weird as it sounds). These, you see, are the customs of Verona.

Why am I telling you this? Because I was there this past weekend to interview the stars of the upcoming film "Letters to Juliet." I not only caught up with stars Amanda Seyfried, Gael Garcia Bernal and Australian newcomer Christopher Egan, but also drank some cappuccino, walked the old cobblestone streets of the ancient Italian city and practiced my basic level Italian, which will leave me saying grazie for a little while longer.

"Letters to Juliet" opens on May 14, but stay tuned to MTV Movies over the next two weeks for all my fantastic interviews from the cast and get the low-down on their perspective on love, romantic gestures and to find out how Gael and Christopher feel about being Hump Day Hotties over the next couple weeks. And, as it turns out, Gael owes me a dinner. I promise to hold him to it.

Grazie. (See, I told you.)

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