Mariah Carey Gets A Blinged-Out iPad

Mariah Carey lives a glamorous life. As her classic episode of "Cribs" proved, her life is full of high fashion, elevators, designer furniture and bubble baths for her pets. Her latest acquisition is another chapter in the fabulous life of Mrs. Nick Cannon. In a video posted by producer Jermaine Dupri (who is in the studio working with Carey), he reveals her latest toy: An iPad that is blinged-out, bedazzled and that features the letter "M" along with her signature butterfly symbol. As Carey explains in the video, she received it as a gift from Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetics company that distributes Carey's line of fragrances (with more coming this holiday season, she reminds the viewing public).

Even Dupri — a guy who once rapped "Money ain't a thing" on one of his biggest hits — found the piece a little bit gaudy. "I just wanted to make a little 'living the life' moment here," Dupri joked on the video. "This is an iPad by the way, but you're s--- don't look like this."

"They're very generous, nice people," argues Carey, who defends her shiny present. The video also includes a flashback to a few days prior, where Carey, Dupri and songwriters and producers B. Cox and Johnta Austin (referring to themselves as "The Song of the Decade Crew" because of their association with Mary J. Blige's "Be Without You," which was declared the biggest R&B song of the past decade) work on new music. The team previously worked together on Carey songs like "We Belong Together" and "Shake It Off," which bodes well for the singer, who is coming off the disappointing Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Her new album is due some time in 2010.