Conan's Big Move, Green Day Go Broadway And Christina Aguilera Remains Sexy: 2010 In 30

By Saimon Kos

April is in the books, which means we have 30 more days to cram into 30 seconds of video. April gave us a lot to laugh about and even more to think about, so take a load off and relax, because it's time to take a (very fast) ride down memory lane.

Coheed and Cambria battled through our Musical March Madness Tournament and in April reaped the rewards when they collected their trophy from the MTV Newsroom. Poreotix won season five of "American's Best Dance Crew." Then there's Conan O'Brien, who may have been the biggest winner of them all. He landed a new show with TBS and is in the middle of a sold-out cross-country comedy tour.

Tax Day came and went, 420 was celebrated by some and Aziz Ansari signed on to host the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. On somber note, Guru passed away and Poison frontman Bret Michaels was hospitalized.

April also had plenty for the ladies to get excited about too. A new "Eclipse" trailer was released, revealing new scenes from the highly-anticipated movie. "The Hills" returned to MTV, while Justin Bieber never went away (in fact, he only got bigger). Meanwhile, Green Day brought punk rock to Broadway with "American Idiot," and Christina Aguilera returned to the fold with a racy new video.

That's April for you. Enjoy the video below and stay tuned for some more instant nostalgia at the end of May.