Beyoncé Teases Video For 'Why Don't You Love Me'

By James Dinh

If you were sad when Beyoncé announced that she'd be taking a break in 2010, you can rest easy, as it seems B is a bit of a workaholic. In addition to co-staring in music videos alongside Lady Gaga and Alicia Keys, she is also about to release a video of her own for "Why Don't You Love Me," a bonus track from the deluxe re-release of I Am ... Sasha Fierce.

Her sister Solange tweeted about the video over the weekend. "I wrote a song called 'Why Don't You Love Me' for a brilliant artist named Beyoncé," she wrote. "Now there's a brilliant new video for it!"

In the teaser for the clip, Beyoncé dresses up in her best Daisy-Duke-meets-Bettie-Page outfit. If you're expecting to see Sasha Fierce, then you're out of luck. This time, the singer is channeling a whole new identity: B.B. Homemaker. As her car overheats, B.B. breaks a sweat while changing a tire, reading a car manual and even pulling out a wrench to do ... something to fix her car. Does she fix the car? Does she live happily ever after in her 1950s house? We'll have to wait for the full-length clip to see.

Are you excited for B.B. Homemaker or would you rather see Beyoncé be herself in her videos? What other elements do you expect to see in the "Why Don't You Love Me" video? Let us know in the comments!