Trey Songz Threaded Eyebrows, Owned A Tuxedo When He Was 17

On Saturday (May 1), the premiere episode of "When I Was 17" introduced the world to the teenage lives of Perez Hilton, Khloe Kardashian and Trey Songz. Many of the stories revealed the criminal pasts of the subjects, as Kardashian admitted to stealing her parents' Range Rover in order to go party. It was an incident that left everybody hot. "I drove to a party in Marina del Ray, took my car, valeted it," she continued. "I'm good to go, I'm inside partying, living it up. We get a knock at our door. It's valet, frantic, yelling. We didn't understand what the guy was saying. We were all kind of like, 'Something's on fire!' I remember we saw this car on fire and we were like, 'Whoa, that person is screwed!' And then I was like, 'Sh--, that's my car!' I was grounded like I've never been grounded before."

Meanwhile, Hilton talked about an incident that could have landed him in hot water. During a school trip to Spain, the iconic blogger admitted to using a good portion of his spending money for gay porn. "I remember being so petrified that customs or immigration would search my luggage and somehow I'd be found out. I was willing to take the risk," he said. But the joke was on him. "I was really disappointed when none of those tapes worked because they were all PAL and not VHS!"

But it was Trey Songz's teenage tales that were the most intriguing. In fact, last week we played the game "Two Truths and a Lie," where we presented two facts from Songz's "When I Was 17" interview and one convincing untruth that we made up. When the numbers were all tallied, it turned out that most people (41 percent, in fact) thought that Songz never threaded his girlfriend's eyebrows. But he did, as he attended barber school as a way to get out of finishing high school.

Meanwhile, 31 percent of you thought that the fact that Songz' mother bought him a tuxedo when he got invited to his seventh prom was not true (but it actually was). Only 26 percent thought that called bull on the actual lie (which involved Songz, Aretha Franklin and a singing contest). It's just more proof that most of the time truth is far stranger than fiction — especially when you're dealing with the guy who sang "I Invented Sex."

"When I Was 17" airs every Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV!