'The Celebrity Apprentice' Recap: Bret Michaels Is Totally Going To Win This Thing

As is the case with most reality shows (many of which air on the network associated with this particular corner of the Internet), there has always been a massive gap between the reality presented on "The Celebrity Apprentice" and the actual reality that we all live in. But in recent weeks, that disconnect has been kicked up hundreds of notches, as while Poison frontman and "Rock of Love" star Bret Michaels sits in a hospital clinging to life following a brain aneurysm (though there's good news afoot), he continues to charm the pants off of just about everybody he meets every Sunday night. And just as he did last weekend, Michaels was the star of the new episode of "The Celebrity Apprentice."

It might not be intentional, but one of the great things that has happened on this season of "The Celebrity Apprentice" is that the challenges have become completely irrelevant. Did anybody have any idea what was supposed to be happening last night? Or what exactly Clockwork Home Services even is? Were you even aware that there were still ads on the radio? But it's refreshing that it doesn't really matter, because it just allows the contestants (all of whom are wildly entertaining at this point) to say wacky things, give each other confused looks and generally act as though they are aliens from another universe put on this planet to try to learn our customs. At this point, it almost justifies the two hour running time.

There were too many excellent moments to mention, but Michaels' mocking of the two humorless executives about their aversion to Bret's jokes about plumber's crack ("It's a serious matter") was pretty priceless. Even though he explicitly went against a mandate of the challenge (to not include any humor in the radio spots), Michaels is so charismatic that he managed to coast his way to victory, which opened the door for the dismissal of Summer Sanders, who is a great swimmer but not much of a reality show contestant. Considering her lack of personality, it's somewhat surprising that she got this far.

What we have left is, essentially, Bret Michaels versus the world. Sharon Osbourne doesn't seem committed enough to win, and Cyndi Lauper's craziness is going to catch up with her one of these nights. While Donald Trump has told the press that he doesn't expect Michaels to be available for the live finale on May 23, it's impossible to count him out. As both his current state of health and his run on "The Celebrity Apprentice" have proven, he's a fighter and a winner, and he won't be easily beaten.