The Black Keys’ ‘Next Girl’ Video Is Tyranno-riffic

By Joel Hanek

I love the Black Keys. I also love dinosaurs. Which is why I really love the Keys’ brand-new video for “Next Girl.”

See, the clip — which, in theory, is meant to promote the Akron, Ohio duo’s upcoming Brothers album (due May 18) — stars a Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppet named Frank (who actually appeared in the first video off the album, “Tighten Up”), a bunch of scantily-clad ladies and absolutely zero members of the Black Keys. It is either an act of cheeky self-awareness or punkish defiance, I’m not sure which.

Anyway, in the “Girl” video, Frank scuttles around, lip-syncs a whole lot and then macks on some ladies in a hot tub, while passive-aggressive captions stream along the bottom of the screen. (“This is an attempt by the record label to attract attention to the band using a ridiculous dinosaur puppet.”) It sort of looks like a rap video, as directed by Sofia Coppola. And the track itself is pretty great, too &#8212l; a return to the Keys’ classic form with dominating distorted guitar-scapes and backing vocals from Blakroc (that’s their Dame Dash-approved hip hop collaborative project) fave Nicole Wray.

You can take a look at the video over on the Black Keys’ official site and catch them this summer as the opening act on the Kings of Leon’s summer tour. No word on whether or not Frank (or his scantily-clad ladies) will be appearing with them.