‘American Idol,’ Justin Bieber And The NBA Playoffs: This Week’s Deep Cuts

It’s Friday again, and that means two things. First, you need to think about leaving work early so you can get a good seat for “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” paint your face for tonight’s NHL playoff game (that would be the Pittsburgh Penguins against the Montreal Canadiens) or just tuck into a nice juicy steak. But while you’re planning your escape, you should really catch up on anything you might have missed this week at the MTV Newsroom blog, which closed out the month of April with a heaping helping of tributes to Siobhan Magnus, more speculation about Conan O’Brien’s new show and at least one endorsement of the Los Angeles Lakers.

» This week on “American Idol,” the nation said goodbye to Siobhan Magnus, who took her eclectic taste in fashion and headed back to her glassblowing studio in Massachusetts.

» Hopefully Magnus will stop by the MTV Newsroom next week to teach “American Idol” expert Jim Cantiello a useful skill, just like fellow reject Tim Urban did.

» “American Idol” also featured the music of Shania Twain this week, and while that was an unusual choice for a theme, it didn’t come close to that time people sang No Doubt songs.

» In news that doesn’t involve “American Idol,” Insane Clown Posse member Violent J weighed in on the fervor surrounding the “Miracles” video and implored everybody to “peep the giraffe” (which is, amazing, not code for anything).

» Justin Bieber paid a visit to Australia this week, and was met with crazy fans and canceled appearances.

» This summer, you can catch Slayer and Megadeth on the road together, partying like it’s 1990. Metal!

» Were you aware that Taylor Swift is not a very good bowler, basketball player or Easter Egg hunter? Now you do!

» No matter what you think of the Goldman Sachs hearings in Washington this week, everybody can agree that Carl Levin is one foul-mouthed rapper.

» The NBA playoffs continue this weekend, and Ice Cube has his money on the Lakers. Fact: In “Today Was a Good Day,” he raps “The Lakers beat the SuperSonics,” and Los Angeles’ current opponent is the Oklahoma City Thunder, who used to be the Seattle SuperSonics. Ice Cube has psychic powers!

» In other basketball news, Drake and John Wall are ready to take over your area.

» If Max Weinberg is out as Conan O’Brien’s band leader, will Travis Barker step up to take his place?

» Finally, if you learn only one thing from a cast member of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” it’s should be that money can’t buy class.

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