Siobhan Magnus Exits ‘American Idol,’ Leaves Behind A Fashion Legacy

Wednesday night’s (April 28) elimination episode of “American Idol” was somewhat of a surprise. Even though all of MTV News’ “American Idol” prognosticators thought that it would be the end of the line for Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly seems to have spent the last few weeks in a mine field, it was amateur glass blower Siobhan Magnus who ended up getting the chop.

Since we’re in the area of the eliminations where the rejected contestants tend to end up getting record contracts, we probably haven’t heard the last of the 20-year-old Massachusetts native. Magnus has left behind a handful of recognizable legacies. There was her signature shriek (which began as a strength but ended up being a liability), her fondness for tattoos (especially the Zulu phrase “Ngi Ne Themba” written on her arm, which is not only an inspirational message of hope but also a tribute to Hanson) and at least one signature performance (her take on Aretha Franklin’s “Think”).

But one thing everybody will miss about Magnus is her fashion sense. The knock on her was that she never really established what sort of artist she was going to be, but that lead to a series of wild experiments that certainly turned heads (for better or for worse). She started with a simple black jacket dress but quickly graduated to more eclectic fare. There was that strange almost-kimono, the disarming taffeta explosion and her bizarre butterfly attack. Magnus’ hair also went through a number of different personalities, like her punked up ’do and whatever was happening here.

So who was Magnus, really? Was she Minnie Mouse? Was she a mime? Or was she just paying homage at the throne of Thor?

(Click here for more of Siobhan Magnus’ “American Idol” fashion choices!)

Whatever her true character is, hopefully it will emerge when she records her debut album. In the meantime, we’ll miss having her around for the remainder of the “American Idol” season — if not for the music, then certainly for the styling.

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