Insane Clown Posse’s Violent J Weighs In On The Cult Of ‘Miracles’

A few weeks ago, Detroit horrorcore rappers Insane Clown Posse released dropped their new single “Miracles.” The track, which comes from their latest album Bang! Pow! Boom!, wormed its way onto the Internet via a trippy, hyper-literal video that has blossomed into a cultural moment all its own and sparked a handful of online memes. The video, which has amassed well over one million views on YouTube, became such a phenomenon that it inspired a parody on “Saturday Night Live.” ICP haven’t had this much mainstream exposure since their breakout album The Great Milenko got them dropped from their record label back in 1997.

But what of the clowns themselves? Did they appreciate the attention and consider imitation the greatest form of flattery? In the latest issue of the “Hatchet Herald,” ICP member Violent J weighed in on the hoopla surrounding “Miracles.” His reaction was decidedly mixed. “The truth is it don’t make us mad to see all the hate ’Miracles’ gets from the mainstream,” he said. “We’ve been ’The Most Hated Band in The World’ for many years. Without all the hate on the outside, it wouldn’t be as warm as it is on the inside with the Juggalo Fam. Instead, all the hate ’Miracles’ generates makes us sad. Sad for the haters.”

He said that while “Saturday Night Live” gets a pass (Violent J called the parody “off the hook hilarious”), he didn’t like the fact that some people had tainted the magic of the song by explaining away the science behind most of the references in “Miracles” (which is, uh, exactly what we did). “Yes, most of the miracles we mention can easily be explained away by science, that’s why we say the line ’f– scientists.’ Their factual findings sometimes explain away the Earth’s cool mysteries,” he explained.

If there’s one thing that people take away from “Miracles,” it’s the couplet “F—in’ magnets/ How do they work?” The reason why that line is so amazing is because the word “magnets” doesn’t line up with the rhyme scheme, so they literally could have put anything in that lyric. But ICP are so confounded by magnets that they simply had to get their amazement out there. “As for the infamous line, ’f—in’ magnets … how do they work?’ Magnets were like magic to me as a kid. You could move things across the table without actually touching them! I found that s— amazing and I still do,” Violent J said. “If you don’t like that, have a d— for dinner.”

He’s clearly passionate and earnest about the sentiments in “Miracles” and thinks that the people stepping up to explain away the things in the song are missing the point. And perhaps, in a way, he’s right. “We appreciate all this shit. Especially a yellow ass, long neck giraffe,” he said. “What’s a shame is how people walk around blind to it all. They lost their spirit about everything. If you can’t even see the miracle in animals, then you must have never truly loved a pet. That has to suck for you. Maybe you mother f—ers should relax that wound up, extra tense b—- ass of yours for a minute and go smoke a joint or somethin’. Be an individual, step out and away from the flow of the crowd. Take a time out, open up ya mind and then peep the giraffe. Try to appreciate some of these miracles, b—-.”

Despite Violent J’s anger and frustration, it seems like everybody can walk away from “Miracles” a winner. Insane Clown Posse have gotten the best mainstream exposure they’ve had in years, fans of the group get to rally around the group on a larger level and “haters” got some entertainment from an unlikely source for a few weeks. Now that the memes have died down (or have they?), everybody can say they learned something — even if it’s just being able to appreciate a yellow ass giraffe.

What do you think of Violent J’s response to the “Miracles” buzz? Let us know in the comments!

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