Happy Birthday, Patrick Stump!

Throw up a fist bump to former Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump today, as it's his birthday. He is only 26 years old but is already a rock veteran, having served as the voice of Fall Out Boy, one of the bands that helped define the dominant rock trend of the decade. Stump's versatile voice and killer instincts kept him at the forefront of the rock world not only as the frontman for one of the most successful rock bands of the past 10 years but also as a collaborator and producer.

Stump began his musical career as a drummer in a handful of bands in his native Chicago. In fact, he auditioned for Fall Out Boy as a drummer but graduated to the microphone somewhat reluctantly. The group picked up steam pretty quickly, as 2003's Take This to Your Grave picked up supporters in the punk universe and also got the attention of the major labels. By the time 2005's From Under the Cork Tree reached double platinum status and "Sugar, We're Goin Down" became an MTV and radio staple, the Fall Out Boy dynamic became clear: Stump's inventive, catchy music paired with bassist Pete Wentz's lyrics (delivered in Stump's joyous tenor).

The band expanded into other directions with their last two albums (2007's Infinity on High and 2008's Folie a Deux). In addition to his Fall Out Boy work and a just-blossoming solo project, Stump found other work as a guest vocalist (with Gym Class Heroes and Timbaland), songwriter (Cobra Starship, the Cab) and producer (Tyga, Lupe Fiasco). (His hip-hop work is especially spot-on — just check out Lupe Fiasco's "Little Weapon" for proof.)

As a birthday gift for Stump, we've put together a video playlist of some of his best work, from Fall Out Boy's early hit "Dead on Arrival" to the "Open Happiness" collaboration with Cee-Lo Green, Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie, Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes, Janelle Monae and producers Butch Walker and Polow Da Don. But it kicks off with the breakout hit "Sugar, We're Goin Down," which introduced the mainstream to Stump's killer voice and big-hook sensibilities.